Monday, September 14, 2015

Yeamans Bench

Last Tuesday, I walked up the west jeep road on Pajarito Mountain. When I got to the top, within sight of the holding pond, instead of continuing down the east jeep road, I strolled west over to  Rim Run to admire the view into the Valles Caldera. Then, because it remained a splendid day with no threat of thunderstorms and not a reason in the world to hurry, I retraced my steps to the Mother Lift where I took a trail in the woods to the Yeamans Bench.

On various visits to the Yeamans bench, I've failed to notice (or forgotten) the plaque on the front. It reads: Dedicated in loving memory of Steven Karl Yeamans October 8, 1959-January 11, 1999 by his friends and family.
The bench is situated on the south side of Pajarito Mountain and has sweeping views on which to contemplate.


Unknown said...

So many friends. Share it in peace.
Brother Dave

Yvonne Delamater said...

So many hikers have over the years!