Monday, September 14, 2015

Taperleaf - Pericome Caudata - Along Nail Trail

A friend from the Nature Center wanted photos of a flowering plant, Taperleaf or Pericome Caudata. I promised that I would go back to the Nail Trail last Thursday to capture a portrait of said plant. Well, last Wednesday evening is when a jogger was attacked by a mother bear in Valle Canyon which is just a mile or so down West Jemez Road from where the plants grow alongside the Nail Trail.

After taking the photos, I continued up the Nail Trail, past the short, rocky section to where the trail opens up, flattens slightly and turns left. Right there is where I heard a moan - could have been a vehicle on West Jemez Road but it certainly sounded like an animal. I scanned the thick growth of mullein but didn't see anything. Just in case,  I picked up a thick stick and held it above my head to look tall and continued hiking uphill. Soon, I tossed that and picked up an even stouter stick which I clattered along the ground behind me to not surprise any bears. I honestly (perhaps, stupidly!) dragged that stick for a long time and I found a different way back down to my car.

Taperleaf - Pericome Caudata

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