Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Coyote Call Wildflowers Surprised Us

Walked with senior group last Friday on Alamo Boundary Trail and Coyote Call Trail. Below  burnt hillside, along Coyote Call Trail, we were surprised to see wildflowers blooming. It's been a dry winter and spring. Along some trails and forest roads, the grass is mostly winter golden, deep into May. This spring, there have been far more moisture sucking winds than raindrops. Yet, the wildflowers are blooming below the charcoal stick forest. (And, yes, I've included dandelions!)

Red columbine - we saw lots

Dandelions - we were captivated

Clematis or virgin's bower - many had a "hanging garden" effect

Burnt hillside above Coyote Call Trail - young aspens are sprouting forth

More red columbine - striking a "shy" pose