Monday, August 13, 2012

Deer and Hazard Tree

Walked Camp May Road Trail today, from the Ocean to FR2998.  It's surprisingly trash-free which is pleasing!  Saw another walker near Paint Ball Road.  The trail tread is holding up reasonably well, i.e. not too rutted and easy to follow, even through the weedy parts.

 Deer:  "You looking at me?" 

Hazard tree marked with red flagging this past May in preparation for Jemez Mountain Trail Runs 50K race on Camp May Road Trail.  Several hazard trees were marked thusly along the trail.  Why did they mark them only to leave them standing months later? Maybe so when it falls on you, the flagging confirms it was a hazard tree!

The if-it-falls-on-you-they'll-name-the-trail-after-you tree!