Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Townsite from Townsight

Back on The Mountain today! Pajarito Mountain, that is!! As I parked, three modulars (probably from Granite Mountain filming) were being hauled down Camp May Road. Yay, they're gone!! Now I can roam the mountain again in peace.

It's quintessential summer up there now - butterflies and flowers everywhere. Wonder if bears eat red elderberries? There are a lot that will ripen soon. Didn't see any roaming bruins but spent some time throwing sticks and stones off the road (so I wouldn't trip on them) and hoped the noise scared them away.

Had a thought today about why I like to be outdoors hiking: When I'm hiking, I feel "timeless". That is, I have no age, I'm just traveling through the scenery, putting off all cares and worries for the meantime.

Los Alamos Townsite from near Pajarito Mountain Ski Area Townsight Lift