Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Notes to Self on Burnt Mesa Eagle Traps

The Monday group hiked to the Burnt Mesa Eagle Traps. There were 8 of us - the group is growing! I recently conscripted a friend to pre-hike to the Eagle Traps with me and what a good idea that was! On the pre-hike, I kept prematurely looking for what I call the bonus deer trap, which is a package deal along with the 2 eagle traps. Today, though, I knew just where to find it! (This somewhat relates to a cartoon that a hiking member sent out recently - "What do we want? Better memory! When do we want it? Want what??") But I know that by the next time I hike to the eagle traps, I will forgot again where the bonus deer trap is.

So, here are notes to jog my future memory (assuming I still have one): The important part is that the bonus deer trap is almost 2 miles into the hike - you are very close to the eagle traps at that point. The deer trap is located on a shelf just below and south of the mesa ridge. At its eastern end, the shelf is easily accessed by a short downhill on what looks almost like a wide, rocky road. Be careful not to trip on the metal stake that marks the deer trap as an archeological feature. My hiking friends call it a deer trap since it's wide and shallow. After visiting the deer trap, continue a little east of south and uphill. You will see almost a path at times, created by past visitors to the eagle traps. At some junipers, go downhill, over rocks, to the pair of narrow, deep eagle traps perched at the edge of Frijoles Canyon.