Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Winter Walk Along Camp May Road

Took a walk up first two miles of Camp May Road today.   Only a road walk but the views never cease to amaze and inspire me.

Sangre de Cristos east of Los Alamos;
central, bare, white patch is a scar from last spring's Pacheco wildfire

one live ponderosa and one dead

Los Alamos Canyon, burnt by two major wildfires - Cerro Grande in 2000 and Las Conchas in 2011

Fresh Snow

above West Road looking into Los Alamos Canyon with Sangre de Cristos on the eastern horizon
I took this photo when I traipsed off-road through fresh snow on President's Day to the ridge above West Road (the road section from the ski hill road).  In real-time, the Sangre de Cristos looked eye-poppingly large and clear  which makes this cloud-capped, blue smudge disappointing.