Monday, February 29, 2016

Rito de los Frijoles Rock Jumble

Today, in Bandelier National Monument just off the Falls Trail: Rito de los Frijoles tumbling over a rock jumble. On the hike: Saw mountain lover growing on shady part of trail. Near Upper Falls, the  Mormon tea looks very robust and bright green. At the Upper Falls overlook, a red-tailed hawk graced us with a flyover high above Frijoles Canyon. The sun shone bright through its red tail feathers. Trail is in good condition.

Virga Over the Dome from Burnt Mesa Trail

Yesterday, looking south from Burnt Mesa Trail at San Miguel Mountains: Boundary Peak on left (sharp) and St. Peter's Dome on right. Burnt Mesa Trail is almost completely dried out. Sky trying to do something - looks like virga over the Dome. Saw several waves of cranes heading north and a herd of nine doe deer watching me while I watched them! Impressed by the work someone has done to remove stout fallen trees off the trail. Amazed by the many mounds where ancestral puebloans dwelt.