Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Time to Try Some Trails

White Rock Rim Trail is all dried out and ready for hiking!

Buckman Mesa and Rio Grande from White Rock Rim Trail

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ridge Views

The top photo, from the south rim of Los Alamos Canyon, is reposted from Fresh Snow. The photo below was taken from Camp May Road yesterday and shows the same ridge and the Sangre de Cristos, but since it's from higher up, it includes Omega Bridge (on Diamond Drive) spanning Los Alamos Canyon.  

Now, I know this doesn't compare with Ray and Charles Eames' film Power of 10 (I'm winking madly lest you think I'd seriously compare myself to the Eameses!!!!), but the idea of a pulled back view from "on high" of the ridge from where earlier this week I'd taken the photo above intrigued me and, yes, the Eames' film came to mind! 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Just a Note About This Blog

Several years ago, I created this blog but it was a blog in name only as I never did a thing with it.  I was inspired by the recent re-inception of the Los Alamos Daily Photo blog to experiment using this blog to post a photo or two from my daily walks, with a minimum of verbiage.

My camera is a simple point and shoot digital Power Shot Canon A540 that packs a ""mighty"" 6 megapixels.  It's old - assuming that cameras age as fast as dogs - I bought it in 2006.

I have two other blogs that are largely inactive:  Valles Caldera Rim and Los Alamos Woods Wanderer.  Very infrequently, I post in Woods Wanderer and it's usually pretty long-winded.  It's nice to (try to) be more succinct!

Snow Persists Along Camp May Road

Along Camp May Road, looking north toward Pipeline Road Area.  
What do the clouds portend?  
We shall find out tonight!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Yet Another Walk on Canyon Rim Trail

yet another photo of knobby tree along Canyon Rim Trail near mile marker 1.25
Here's another photo of the knobby tree, looking west.  This side was in shadow yesterday when I walked in late afternoon.  Today's walk was late morning.  I love this tree!  The knobs give it grace, character and beauty.  That's a postage stamp view of Pajarito Mountain in the background.

Shadows and Ponderosa Along Canyon Rim Trail

fire station steps with shadows along Canyon Rim Trail
knobby tree near mile marker 1.25 near west end of Canyon Rim Trail

I'm a stickler for shadows.  This is near the official start of the west end of the Canyon Rim Trail which is across from East Park on the Main Hill Road (NM502).

I always look forward to seeing the knobby ponderosa at the end of my walk.   This is looking east along the Canyon Rim Trail.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Winter Walk Along Camp May Road

Took a walk up first two miles of Camp May Road today.   Only a road walk but the views never cease to amaze and inspire me.

Sangre de Cristos east of Los Alamos;
central, bare, white patch is a scar from last spring's Pacheco wildfire

one live ponderosa and one dead

Los Alamos Canyon, burnt by two major wildfires - Cerro Grande in 2000 and Las Conchas in 2011

Fresh Snow

above West Road looking into Los Alamos Canyon with Sangre de Cristos on the eastern horizon
I took this photo when I traipsed off-road through fresh snow on President's Day to the ridge above West Road (the road section from the ski hill road).  In real-time, the Sangre de Cristos looked eye-poppingly large and clear  which makes this cloud-capped, blue smudge disappointing.