Monday, February 27, 2012

Just a Note About This Blog

Several years ago, I created this blog but it was a blog in name only as I never did a thing with it.  I was inspired by the recent re-inception of the Los Alamos Daily Photo blog to experiment using this blog to post a photo or two from my daily walks, with a minimum of verbiage.

My camera is a simple point and shoot digital Power Shot Canon A540 that packs a ""mighty"" 6 megapixels.  It's old - assuming that cameras age as fast as dogs - I bought it in 2006.

I have two other blogs that are largely inactive:  Valles Caldera Rim and Los Alamos Woods Wanderer.  Very infrequently, I post in Woods Wanderer and it's usually pretty long-winded.  It's nice to (try to) be more succinct!

Snow Persists Along Camp May Road

Along Camp May Road, looking north toward Pipeline Road Area.  
What do the clouds portend?  
We shall find out tonight!