Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sad Treatment of FR181

Walked on FR181/American Spring Road today. Dismayed by scenes below:

First two photos are a little over two miles in from NM 4:
Pretty little meadow along FR181/American Spring Road. Now an unofficial mud fest  proving ground for vehicles.

Same meadow - wish these shell casings were wildflowers. They are scattered all about the meadow. The meadow is being used as a shooting range.

These photos are where Water Canyon crosses FR181, approximately 1.5 miles in from NM 4:
Another unofficial shooting range on FR181, right above Water Canyon Trail. This area has been severely damaged by post-Las Conchas wildfire flooding and is due to be repaired by the forest service. Just because it's damaged gives no one an excuse to further mistreat it. Four photos below give details of the scene (the numerous, scattered, brass shell casings are not pictured):

Cardboard target (not shown in photo above)
Spray painted rocks and discarded container


Another target 
Discarded paint containers?

Snowy Ponderosas

Wednesday morning, woke to snow-transformed world.

Snowy ponderosas along Los Alamos Mesa Trail