Tuesday, March 8, 2016

White Rock Canyon from Blue Dot Trail

Yesterday, the Monday group, five of us, went down the Red Dot, then along the River Trail and up the Blue Dot. I go down the Red Dot Trail in slow motion. I feel like I'm descending a steep, dry waterfall. In some places, I use the "seat of the pants" method to negotiate the boulders.

I was surprised there aren't more wildflowers blooming yet. Only saw a few verbena and some spindly golden smoke. Maybe that was because my attention was on surviving the "trip" down the rocky trail! Once in White Rock Canyon, I absolutely love the River Trail. It's a whole different world down there with all the beautiful basalt boulders, the petroglyphs, the Rio Grande flowing and the splendid Pajarito Springs forever tumbling into its pool.

Going up the Blue Dot Trail, not too bad. Lots of switchbacks wind up the side of White Rock Canyon and before you know it, you're crawling out at the Blue Dot trailhead and are much pleased with yourself!

On the way up the Blue Dot Trail, I took lots of "enjoy the scenery" breaks. Rio Grande in midground, Buckman Mesa/Otowi Peak on left, Caja del Rio plateau on right and Sangre de Cristos in far background.

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