Monday, February 27, 2012

Just a Note About This Blog

Several years ago, I created this blog but it was a blog in name only as I never did a thing with it.  I was inspired by the recent re-inception of the Los Alamos Daily Photo blog to experiment using this blog to post a photo or two from my daily walks, with a minimum of verbiage.

My camera is a simple point and shoot digital Power Shot Canon A540 that packs a ""mighty"" 6 megapixels.  It's old - assuming that cameras age as fast as dogs - I bought it in 2006.

I have two other blogs that are largely inactive:  Valles Caldera Rim and Los Alamos Woods Wanderer.  Very infrequently, I post in Woods Wanderer and it's usually pretty long-winded.  It's nice to (try to) be more succinct!

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