Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bandelier Morning

I'd hoped to title this post "In the Time of Tarantulas", a really catchy title!  The title was inspired last week while walking in White Rock and seeing a lone tarantula cross the sidewalk.  This is the time of year that male tarantulas  "march", "looking for love"!

On today's group hike down the Frey Trail into Bandelier's Frijoles Canyon, I had such high hopes that I'd spot "marching" tarantulas on the mesa top.  Didn't see a one!  I did see a small herd of deer but just as soon as I got my camera out, all five demurely hid behind a bush!

Disappointed, I resorted to what I usually photograph - inanimate objects!

Morning light on ponderosa bark in Frijoles Canyon.  The tree was all but begging me to photograph it and I did, taking 4 photos, but this was the only one that showed the bark detail in the highlighted area.

Handrail shadows on steps to Long House.  Took 4 photos of this too.  The shadows almost look like a pueblo pottery design.

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