Monday, March 5, 2012

View of Pueblo Canyon Rim Trail from Los Alamos Mesa Trail

I walked the Los Alamos Mesa Trail today.  A portion of it still has snow patches - cold overnight temps have made snow persist on anything shaded and north-facing.

background, left to right, Quemazon or Rendija Mountain, with lots of "zebra" snow stripes;  Guaje Ridge-Mitchell Trail area,  with shorter Burnt Mountain beneath the three, center "zebra" stripes; Caballo Mountain, treed with bare meadow on top; a pinch of Tschicoma's snowy triangle

This is from the Los Alamos Mesa Trail, looking across Graduation Canyon at a corner of the Pueblo Canyon Rim Trail, below Rim Road.  How deceptively snow-free and dry the trail looks!  I wonder what conditions are like around the corner, along the mostly shaded, north-facing rim of Pueblo Canyon?

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