Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mystery Box Along Pueblo Canyon Rim Trail

This mystery box is on the Pueblo Canyon Rim Trail, near the Los Alamos Airport terminal.  Each time I pass this large, concrete box (it even has a lid), I wonder from whence it came?  And why the pipe opening on one side?

Hope it's not RADIOACTIVE!


Pueblo Pete said...

Open it up!

Sandy H said...

How big is it?

Yvonne Delamater said...

Guess-timating from memory, maybe a yard by a yard by a yard. It's probably bigger than that and not really a complete square. Over time, I decided maybe it was somehow connected to a sewer at one time. I saw the same type of "box" on the Pueblo Canyon floor. This one is on the Pueblo Canyon Rim Trail East. I was being (probably inadvisedly) "playful" when I captioned the photo as I did!